Why panties ?

This is a question that is often asked to me and the answer to that question is manifold.

1. The will to do an eccentric art
Contemporary art has to be "out of the box", original, and above all has to raise questionning.
The purpose is reached with panties. Without provoking, they do not leave indifferent and bring the debate. It is very revealing to watch people's reactions when they look at the works.
They unintentionally reveal a part of themselves.

2. The desire to use contemporary tools
My works are the result of a combination of these different contemporary tools that are digital photography, computer, software and Internet.
I shoot big pictures, small pictures come from the Internet. Contemporary tools with contemporary mediums:
- The canvas is replaced by -> the camera
- Paint cans as medium is replaced by -> Internet
- Brushes as tools are replaced by -> software and my mouse

3. The desire to put the woman at the center of my work
The Woman is the central point on my work.
She is elegant, sensual, mysterious and strong.
My work reflects the power of attraction Woman/Man, the emancipation of women and the sexual freedom of women.
My subjects are good about themselves, well in its own sneakers. They are strong and aware of their power.

4. An art synonym of evasion
Many of my works allow collectors to project themselves, identify with them and go further through them. Beyond the beauty of the subject, we can find there a lived history. Each of these photographs gives a sense of escape and a lot of emotions to the admirer. The title of the work plays an important role at this level. It can give a taste of the story to come. After the first impression of beauty, of sensuality, everyone goes for its interpretation.

5. A double reading
The tiny photographs give depth and an impression of infinity to the works. It is a reading with a dual dimension on the content (a concrete image with symbolic meaning) and on the shape (seen from a distance - close up).
In my work there is the pleasure and the will to make the beautiful, the dream, the travel, as well as to astonish and surprise, while stimulating the imagination. Is not this the reason of Art? Looking at the work, the viewer releases himself from his emotions. He is gone in his own story and it gives him pleasure.